What is Focusing?

Focusing is a mode of inward bodily attention that most people don’t yet know. It is more than being in touch with your feelings and is different from typical body work.

Focusing was developed by Dr. Eugene Gendlin at the University of Chicago, as result of his research into psychotherapy. Today, Focusing is being used effectively by a wide variety of people for many, many purposes including self-awareness, psychotherapy, dream interpretation, healing and creativity.

The Benefits of Focusing

Focusing is a self-development technique that teaches you to identify and change the way your personal problems exist in your body.

Focusing guides you to the deepest level of awareness within your body. It is on this level, unfamiliar to most people, that unresolved problems actually exist, and only on this level can they change.

Focusing is not a therapeutic model in itself, but is compatible with any system of therapy or any path to inner growth in which you may be involved.

To learn more, please visit Focusing.org.

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  1. Jennifer Whalen says:

    I found your website from Youtube. I spend my free time surfing the web to find healing from extreme child abuse, ritual abuse. I try everything to heal the pain within me. Your video gave me a glimpse of what a nurturing therapist you are. It helped me. Thank You.

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