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Fitness, a Do-It-Yourself Approach

For us elders, fitness is an activity to be ignored at our peril. We need as much exercise as our old bodies will allow. This means stretching to keep the joints flexible and breathing hard in whatever cardiovascular pursuit we choose.

I’ve been a yoga practitioner all my adult life. Back in the early 70’s, when yoga was considered either esoteric or just plain weird, I was one of Toronto’s early teachers. Later, I added distance running to my fitness routine. I loved this sport. For me, yoga and running are the perfect combination. Yoga doesn’t do much for cardiovascular fitness, but running kept my lungs and heart in good shape.

I’m too old now for running. In fact, any pounding of my septuagenarian joints would seem unwise. Fortunately, we’re never too old for yoga, especially these days when a wide variety of types of yoga are there just for the joining.

When I moved to Kingston, I knew there would be yoga classes. This was my chance to try something new.

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