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Confessions Now Available as an E-Book

I am excited to announce that my publisher BPS Books has just launched the E-book version of Confessions of a Trauma Therapist: A Memoir of Healing and Transformation

It is available on all the main E-reading devices such as Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iPad, Sony’s Reader, Chapter’s Kobo and more, as well as in PDF format for those of you who prefer to read from your computer screen. Read more

Confessions Book Launch Video Now Available

You can watch more of my videos on my very own YouTube Channel as well.

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Confessions Goes to Germany

As I write this, I am attending the annual International Focusing Conference in the Black Forest of Germany.

I have just given a presentation about childhood trauma. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. I knew I planned to read from my book to illustrate how lost memories surface. And I knew I wanted them to hear about the actual breaking through of my awareness of sexual abuse at the hands of my father and grandfather.But I wasn’t prepared for how moving and moved the participants would be. Read more

Book Launch Memories of Frank

One of the most moving memories of the book launch centre around my son, Frank. From the speaker’s podium, Frank spoke of the years when he had first been helping me shape Confessions of a Trauma Therapist into a book. He said he would cry for hours over what his grandfather and great grandfather had done to his mother. I was really deeply touched. I had no idea it had been so painful for him to take in my traumatic childhood. Read more

Memories of the Launch

My mind is filled with the scenes and feelings of the book launch that took place a few days ago when Confessions of a Trauma Therapist got birthed and went out into the world. Its mission? To help the victims of child sexual abuse and expose this crime against children.

A kaleidoscope of remembered hugs, greetings, old friends and colleagues, as well as the faces of those who came to hear that it’s possible to recover from childhood trauma – these experiences tumble over and over in my memory. Read more