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Are Today’s Mothers Tyrannized by their Offspring?

There’s a popular theory these days that mothers are being tyrannized by their young. All the gains The Women’s Movement made in freeing women from men’s tyranny is now being undone by children, says the theory. Women are giving birth, then feeling compelled by guilt to chuck their careers in favour of full-time mothering. Breast feeding further enslaves the woman. Just as men once demanded that their wives stay home to look after the house and the well-being of the male, babies now keep mother at home sacrificing her career. Someone else can raise the babies, says this point of view. Young women should not give up their position in the work world just to nurse and raise their young. Read more

Empathic Listening with Babies

Not long ago Abigail, my first grandchild came along to change my life.  Join me now for a typical “empathic listening” session with Abigail.

Abigail is searching for connection. Her eyes scan my face. She makes eye contact, looking intently into my face. I’m beginning to understand that she really wants to understand who I am. For my part I, too, want to share more of her inner life. The problem is she has no words and we humans depend on speech to reach out to one another. Or do we?…. I’m struck by the thought that just because she can’t say what she’s thinking doesn’t mean that a huge amount of observation and processing of information isn’t going on in her sponge-like new brain. Science tells us that babies are far more aware than we ever dreamed. Read more