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  1. Ann Diamond says:

    Hi Mary
    Congratulations on your book. I am browsing your work on Goodreads and your website, and wanted just to introduce myself. I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse that did not involve family members, but doctors and/or scientists. Up until my early 50s (I am now 62) I was amnesiac, or rather had fragmented memories dating back to age 4 of being abused in what appeared to be an underground facility. In 2002, I began researching and remembering more about my childhood in the MKULTRA program. I have written a memoir, MY COLD WAR, describing my process of recovering memories and connecting with others who were part of this ultra-secret program, funded by the Canadian and US governments. It’s quite a twisted tale and is still ongoing.

    I wondered if you have written anything on this subject. In Montreal, where I grew up, there were many children of my generation who were drawn into this program, apparently based at McGill. Later, from what I have learned, it moved to Southern Ontario, partly due to pressure from the Quebec government.

    I have not been in therapy, in part because of the peculiar nature of my abuse memories. However, I have some experience working with energy healers. Although my book is available on line, and I have done an interview on line about it, I consider it a work-in-progress. The reaction I have had, when I attempted to contact publishers, strongly suggested the subject — early childhood sexual abuse in institutions connected to secret military projects — remains taboo in Canada, in a category with Satanic ritual abuse which, in my opinion, also exists just beyond the limits of most people’s vision.

    Thank you for your work in bringing these “private” issues to public attention!


    Ann Diamind

  2. Anne says:

    Hi Mary,

    I read your book last night and today and was intrigued by if you had any thoughts or insights into challenging the shame that comes with working as a therapist and having survived your own sexual abuse. I am currently in my work on this rather confronting journey and feel I can lose my confidence because I feel like it is another aspect in my life I feel I have to keep secret. There is a part of me that feels this perpetuates the survival mechanisms that I needed as a young child. I would be interested in any thoughts and or literature on this.

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