Five Signs of Aging We Don’t Want to Admit

Imamma-embarassed_2799752 thought I’d write about the embarrassment and sense of loss we experience when physical signs pop up to tell us the body’s getting old. It helps to know we’re not alone and that our reactions are shared by other women. Let me tell you about Margaret Manning’s report the other morning on Mornings with Sixty and Me.

Aching feet

What happens: The fatty pads on the bottom of the feet get thinner. We’re prone to plantar fasciitis, a painful condition that causes you pain when you put weight on the foot. Arthritis is another problem.

What to do about it: Swimming and yoga are good for your feet. Up to now, many of us haven’t given much thought to our feet. Practice going up on your toes and working the joints of toes and feet.

Saggy boobs

What happens: The estrogen level in the body drops and the breast tissues get weak.

What to do about it: When’s the last time you were fitted for a bras? Get a good bras and do chest presses to strengthen the muscles supporting the breasts. Don’t waste your money on lotions. They don’t work.

Rogue chin hairs

What happens: Unexpected coarse hairs appear on the face, especially around the chin.

What to do: Buy some good tweezers and pluck them. It’s not true that plucking will make them grow in coarser and faster. Don’t buy creams or wax.

Going slightly deaf

What happens: Our ears, as every other part of the body, no longer works the way it once did.

What to do about it: Don’t panic. It’s most likely a buildup of wax. See your doctor.

Slight incontinence

What happens: The pelvic muscles weaken.

What to do: Don’t be embarrassed. Just learn to live with it. Exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles help. Avoid caffeine and soda drinks.

To sum it all up: Old Age Is Not For Sissies.

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  1. Judy Archer says:

    HI Mary,
    Going slightly deaf could mean you need a hearing test to see if you need a hearing aid. I got two earlier this year so I could hear the students in my TRE classes and they make a world of difference. And I still ned to ask people to speak a little more slowly, especially when they have a foreign accent.

    There is actually a lot more you can do about slight incontinence- find a physiotherapist who does pelvic floor release work.


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