Sammy The Poodle



Moving out of the house we’d lived in for 43 years was hard on all of us. Sammy The Poodle found it especially difficult to understand why his peaceful home was being subjected to de-cluttering, downsizing, staging and finally beingput on the market for sale.

Here’s a piece from the memoir I’m writing:

Sammy The Poodle wants to say something. ‘What is happening to my house? There are all these strange people walking around as if they own the place. I’m supposed to be quiet and allow them to go anywhere they want. This is very tough on a dog.’

‘Sammy,’ I explain, ‘We have to put in storage everything that detracts from making our house look even more spacious and light-filled. You have to face it. We’re selling this house and moving to Kingston. Ann, our stager, is reorganizing the space to look like nobody lives here. It’s hard on all of us.’

Sammy drops to the floor with an exasperated thud and a groan.

I’m happy to say that Sammy The Poodle is very happy these days in our little apartment by the lake. For me, the downside is having no fenced-in yard. Each morning I grumble to myself about needing to get dressed so Sammy can go out for his morning pee. Once outside, my mood changes. I’m always glad to be out there. Life on a large body of water means an ever-changing sky. The surface of the water goes from glassy smooth to wild white caps smashing onto the rocky shore. Sometimes I’m met with a deliciously soft glow of rising sun. On such days the water is tinged with silver from the low early light. Sammy The Poodle joins me enthusiastically in our morning routine, sniffing the whole of what he now considers his territory. Male that he is, he marks each previously claimed tree and post with his territorial squirt. Then, happy that we’ve greeted the new day, we return to the apartment until it’s time to head for the dog park. Most of my social life takes place when Sammy and I join the other canines and their owners in large fenced-in areas dedicated to dogs.

Let me tell you about the other morning. I really didn’t want to go outside. Gale force winds and a wild sea awaited us. Nevertheless, Sammy and I headed out, bravely facing the new day. After all, a dog has to pee. Soon I found myself caught up in the adventure. Sammy’s tail was riding high and the long hair on his poodle ears was blowing in the wind. We were having a great time watching the breakers smash up on the shore. I took the photo that goes with this blog post.

I can only imagine how amazing summer will be here in our waterfront home. I’ll keep you posted.

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