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Update on Cathy’s experience with Neurofeedback


Guest blogger Cathy sent me the following letter about her first two Neurofeedback sessions:

Dear Mary:

The emotions that are coming up for me right now are very intense and, at times, overwhelming. So far, I have had two Neurofeedback sessions. I have another session tomorrow and another session in a few days’ time.

I have been reading the book that I got last week about the use of Neurofeedback in treating developmental trauma. I can relate to so much of what the book has to say about developmental trauma. So I am hopeful that Neurofeedback will help to give me some inner peace and relief.

My body seems to crave gentle and safe touch right now. Neurofeedback
involves only minimal touch, so I’m going to a cranial therapist as well.

Mary, this journey is so hard and so consuming. It’s hard to believe I’ve
been on this path for almost 20 years!! Although a key piece of information about my past (sexual abuse) only became available and accessible to me 2 years ago.

I’m looking forward to a time when healing is not my primary focus. I’m
looking forward to a time when I can devote my time and attention to lighter
aspects of life.

Thank you for the opportunity to share. It’s great to be able to share with
someone who understands and who has ‘been here.’

Best wishes,




Cathy (not her real name) is a frequent guest blogger on this site. Cathy has benefited from many forms of therapy in her search for the treatment that will finally eradicate her trauma symptoms resulting from child sexual abuse. She has come a long way and has benefited from many different types of treatment (Cathy has shared her findings with us on this site). To her disappointment, however, the terror rushing through her organism has not abated (fear being the dominant emotion of childhood trauma). Now Cathy is setting out to deal with this final wounding from her early abuse.

She has chosen Neurofeedback as her treatment of choice. She tells me that author Bessel van der Kolk, MD devotes a whole chapter to Neurofeedback in his recent book, The Body Keeps Score. Brain, Mind and Body Healing of Trauma (2014).

Cathy writes:

Neurofeedback involves passing electrodes which are connected to a laptop computer into the client’s skull and earlobes to measure their brainwave patterns. The computer is able to detect, record and display brain wave patterns for each area of the brain being monitored. Once the patient’s brain waves have been comprehensively assessed, they are then presented with a visual stimulus (usually a movie or sitcom DVD with altered subliminal flashing background lighting) to view regularly to assist them in the process of rewiring their brain wave patterns back to more optimal and natural levels.

As Cathy enters this new phase of her healing, her Neurofeedback practitioner has advised her to connect with a talk therapist, since her lowered fear rate will allow for new memories to surface.

I look forward to following Cathy on her new venture and I invite you to join me here on this website to cheer her on and to learn from her new venture in Neurofeedback.