Feldenkreis, Yoga, Focusing, And Many, Many Other Models

Image from Feldenkrais Institute

Image from Feldenkrais Institute

Today’s blog post could be the final one in this series meant to provide readers with a wide range of choices when it comes to accessing the wisdom of the body. As those of you who have been reading this series know, I believe different models are right for different times in our lives. In my own experience, the body gets “bored” with any one model. What was once provocative and moved us forward, no longer inspires the body. The organism is so adaptive it becomes dulled to the catalyst that once stirred it into absorbing new stimulus: into revealing the body’s wisdom.

When I first discovered Focusing, I had vivid imagery, unmistakable body shifts and clear messages. My early experiences amazed and excited me. They provided me with insights and directions for the rest of my life. Today, the messages are subtle and nuanced: not definitive and bold. I continue to Focus all day, every day, but I’ve never had those earth-shaking shifts and insights of the early days.

Recently, I knew I needed a new kind of bodywork. I’ll always be a Focuser and a yoga person, but I needed a new stimulus. That’s why I decided to try Feldenkreis. As Focusing, it’s uncontaminated by the therapist or teacher. It understands that the body holds our truth and that the body taps into a deeper knowing than we can access with our usual level of awareness.

In my next post, I’ll tell you what I’m learning about Feldenkreis.

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