Guest Blog – TRE® Tension Releasing Exercises

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Judy Archer, this week’s guest blogger, gives classes in TRE, a highly

effective way of releasing tension held in the body. TRE works by

activating the organism’s natural tremoring response to stress. Judy’s

workshops are made all the more effective and pleasurable thanks to

Michael Jones accompanying, live music.

Here’s what Judy says about her classes:

What I love about this work is that we don’t need to know what

we are releasing. We don’t need to know the story. We simply need to

notice where we feel the quivering? How does that feel? What happens

when I do the exercises? Then we calibrate the amount we do so we

release in small bites. After all we have accumulated stress for years.

The key is regular practice.

TRE is a series of seven tension-releasing exercises designed to

prevent the psoas muscle from contracting. The psoas muscle is the

fight or flight muscle that contracts when we are stressed or

traumatized. The exercises create new neural pathways by relaxing the

muscles involved with the psoas muscle.

These deceptively simple exercises draw upon yoga, tai chi and

Bioenergetics. David Berceli designed them for third world countries

where people do not have access to therapists. He was interested in

finding a way to allow large populations in third world countries to

release trauma. Even if they did have therapists the trauma is held in the

body so it needs to be addressed through the body.

When he returned from overseas work, Berceli earned his PhD at

the University of Arizona in order to validate these exercises. Through

his background in social work, massage therapy, trauma, and

Bioenergetics, he had observed that the psoas muscle contracts when

we are under tension or traumatized. He asked what muscles need to be

tired out in order to release the tension. When we practice TRE® we are

creating new neural pathways to release tension. We are also creating

new habits so that when we need them they are more accessible.

The exercises help people recover a sense of resilience and are a

great complement to psychotherapy or bodywork. Some people also

come to heal recurring sports or other physical injuries. Regardless this

work affects the mind, the body and the spirit -every aspect of our lives.

I appreciate the wonderful mix of people who come for their own

learning as well as professionals who in addition come because of

vicarious trauma. More often now people are coming who have tried the

exercises from David Berceli’s DVD or his book The Revolutionary

Trauma Release Process. They are eager to learn about self-regulation.

I am coming up to four years of regular practice with TRE®. I am

delighted to discover how much this practice affects my writing and my

artwork for example. The more I do TRE®, the more grounded I feel and

embodying and grounding help me write and paint with more fluidity

and ease. The practice complements and helps integrate all I do: Inner

Relationship Focusing, BodyTalk, Network Chiropractic, painting,

assemblage making, writing and teaching. As one of my students said I

feel more like a human being.

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