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The Canadian Writers Association Conference

This photo was taken this June at the CanWrite Conference in Orillia. With my new passion for creative writing, I joined writers from all across Canada at this annual event where I had the opportunity to introduce and to sell my memoir, Confessions of a Trauma Therapist: A Memoir of Healing and Transformation.

Whenever one of my books goes out into the world, I have the huge satisfaction of knowing that someone else’s life may begin to make sense, that further steps toward healing will unfold and that the invisible wounds of childhood trauma will be transformed into new strength and compassion, both for the self and for others.

These days, I’m struggling to learn the new skills of writing fiction. During the five days of the conference, there were workshops and presentations by successful authors, as well as the opportunity to pitch my novel to an agent. The agent didn’t jump at the opportunity to represent this struggling new writer: but she did give me some invaluable critiques on my work. Thanks to her, I’m rewriting the whole thing – again!

And so, I continue to learn and to refine this unwieldy pile of plot and characters into a workable piece of fiction. Writing a novel is the most complex and demanding project I’ve ever taken on. One day, I hope you get to read it.