I’m Writing a Novel!

A year and a half ago, I retired, then sat back to wonder what the future held for me. For the last three decades of my life I had been totally committed to my private psychotherapy practice, the Centre for Focusing I founded and directed until the year 2000, writing articles to help people understand childhood trauma and developing this website and my Facebook Page for survivors. Publishing my own story of childhood sexual abuse (Confessions of a Trauma Therapist: A Memoir of Healing and Transformation) and then making sure the book got into the hands of those who needed it, kept me busy and fulfilled.

At the end of 2011 when I closed my office, I immediately immersed myself in my passion for yoga, signing up for classes at a nearby studio. Then in October of that year, my little granddaughter came along to fill my heart and much of my time. I took up gardening, started cooking more than just the basics and gorged my literary appetite on Canadian fiction.

Out of this freedom to indulge in whatever called to me, I began writing creatively – something I’d enjoyed doing before life steered me in the direction of social work and helping those who had been traumatized. I found myself writing a novel!

And that’s what I mostly do these days – create a work of fiction.  I’m in the Humber College Creative Writing course and regularly send my mentor my latest work. I’m honing my skills as a storyteller and I’m excited about the characters that somehow come to life as I write my novel.

 I’ll keep on communicating with you through this website and, of course, I’ll let you know how my novel’s progressing.

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