Oprah Winfrey Called

Back in June I told my story on the Oprah Winfrey Network. The producer told me it would go public in August. I’ve waited and waited. As I write this we’re half way through August and there’s still no publication date.

Finally I emailed OWN. My friends and neighbours were wondering when the heck we could see the filming. OWN replied that my story has probably been moved to January.

You can imagine how exciting this whole thing has been. Being asked to appear for the filming with Oprah was surreal. I thought I was going to meet Oprah. But Oprah was nowhere to be seen. It turns out that her network has film crews all over the world. I met the Canadian team on Toronto’s beach where I was shown to a purple armchair facing the interviewer’s purple couch. Yes, that’s right. Purple furniture on the beach!

With a huge shiny light reflector catching all the brilliant sun on that gorgeous day, I told my story. I related how I’d come to write my book Confessions of a Trauma Therapist: A Memoir of Healing and Transformation. I explained how my memories surfaced when I was nearly 50 and how I managed to heal.

I related the irony of being married to one of Canada’s pioneers in recognizing and treating child sexual abuse, my husband Dr. Harvey Armstrong. He had no idea that many of our problems stemmed from my traumatized neuroanatomy. I also told the interviewer how I realized I had a gift for treating child abuse. This was before my own memories surfaced. I still had no idea that I was learning about “us,” not “them.”

Finally, I told how my family reacted with shocked silence to the publication of my book. At first I had viewed my disclosure as their opportunity for personal growth. This hasn’t happened. Pretty much total silence has greeted my book.

Never mind, I keep my family and my book separate. I love my family and have to assume they find it too painful to consider my truth.

OWN tells me you’ll find the date and time for my interview closer to January at http://ownca.oprah.com/Home.aspx. It’s referred to as “a new documentary television series on the “TRUTH for OWN.”  And, of course, I’ll keep you posted on on my Facebook PageConfessions of a Trauma Therapist – Preventing Child Sexual Abuse” and here on my website.

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