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Creating a Monster Like Magnotta

We’re all shocked that anyone, especially somebody born in Toronto, could murder and dismember his helpless victim, a Chinese foreign student studying at Concordia University. Worse still, Magnotta videoed the whole thing. He wanted us all to see what he had done. He was desperate for attention and notoriety.

One of the best books I know on male violence is Dr. James Gilligan’s Violence: Reflections on a National Epidemic. Dr. Gilligan was the psychiatrist in charge of the most violent prisoners in the USA. He used the prison as his laboratory to study human violence. Here’s what he found. Read more

Your Pride List

You’ve probably heard of The Bucket List, that list people keep of all they want to accomplish before they die. Well, I have another list for you. This one is meant to remind you that you’re really a very fine person – even in the face of criticism and dips in your self-esteem.

It goes like this:

Think of an event in your life that you feel proud of. It can be from any stage of your life. Don’t be shy. The list is just for you. It’s private.

Once you’ve come up with an event, close your eyes and re-create that experience. Visualize all you could see at that special time. Who’s present? What do you hear and smell? Take your time. When you’re ready, check in with the centre of your body. How does your body feel about this special time? Read more

It Takes Courage to Enter Psychotherapy

It takes courage to enter into psychotherapy. After all, you’re about to expose very personal details about yourself to a stranger. You take this risk in the hope of getting relief from your problem, but there’s no guarantee your gamble will pay off. Read more