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I Believe You

These are precious words for victims of child sexual abuse.  Unfortunately, it’s still common for victims to hear “Are you sure?” uttered by incredulous friends and family. Apparently, in spite of the grim statistics, it remains difficult to believe that someone who looks fairly normal has actually been sexually abused in childhood by a trusted adult.

It’s hard enough to deal with one’s own struggle to get clear on what actually happened. For me, when my own memories first surfaced, I didn’t want to believe what I was learning. Read more

Q & A: Attacks on the Inner Child

Question: Why don’t we remain authentic and true to ourselves the way we were as babies? It would be so beautiful to just unfold naturally into each new developmental stage as we grow older.

Answer: The Critic wants to separate us from our true nature so we’ll be socially acceptable to our adult caregivers.

Question: What is The Critic?

Answer: The Critic is that inner voice that tells us we’re not good enough the way we are.  It nags at us to model ourselves on some ideal person. At heart, it wants us to be successful but it goes about it in the wrong way.

Question: Isn’t it impossible to be someone other than who we are?

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