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Can’t Say “No?” Is This Making You Sick?

Do you have trouble saying ‘No?’

Are you all caught up in others’ problems while ignoring your own needs?

Do you have trouble standing up for what you believe in the face of opposing views?

Do you constantly fly under the radar so you won’t be noticed?

Is your learned coping style intended to keep you out of trouble, but preventing you from being an independent, self-determining human?

Those of us who grew up in dysfunctional families lack healthy personal boundaries. Most of us learned early that we had no right to privacy, respect or even safety.

Survival lay shrinking ourselves.

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What Should Have Been Still Exists Within

He sat in my therapy room concentrating deeply on his inner process. Finally he said, “It’s there. I just have to follow it.”

Then half to me and mostly to himself he said, “There’s a path. If I sniff it out I can find it. It’s overgrown.

Sometimes I get off the trail. But it’s there. I just have to find it and follow it.” Read more