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Jennifer’s Struggle to Parent with DID

In this blog post Jennifer Roeder tells her story of not only being a single parent, but having to do this with a Dissociative Identity Disorder. DID was previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder and results from extreme early childhood abuse. The rest of us can only imagine the challenge DID would present in trying to parent a growing girl. Jennifer has the courage and the smarts to seek help in her parenting. She would like to hear from others who have similar experiences. If you have something to offer Jennifer, please comment below.  Read more

Vivian Treadwell Shares Her Story


The stories you post on your website remind me all to well of mine and my siblings childhoods, sadly, this has taken a huge toll on our family cohesion, it has taken away who we all could have been, our self esteem (if there ever was any in the first place), our joy; i had to deal with bullies at school and then come home to verbal, emotion, physical, and sexual abuses, i’m not discounting any of my siblings here.

Life has been very difficult for me to face, most of my life i hid myself away from most humans because my mind just couldn’t handle facing the possibility of any more abuse coming my way. Read more