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Rape Under an Afghan Sky

Recently I attended the celebration of Women’s College Hospital’s 100th anniversary. Mellissa Fung, a journalist for the CBC, was the keynote speaker.

Mellissa recently published Under An Afghan Sky, her story of being kidnapped as she came out of a refugee camp where she’d covered the story of people who had fled their homes. Mellissa was nabbed be three armed men, thrown into a car that took her, bleeding from knife wounds, to the hole in the earth where she would spend the next 28 days. Read more

Maybe We Are Winning the War Against Child Abuse!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 – The heading in The Globe and Mail says a spectacular fall from grace: No bail, in jail and hints of a darker past.

This, of course, is about Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the International Monetary Fund who was arrested and taken off his first class seat in the plane he hoped would let him escape charges for sexual assault of the hotel maid he attempted to rape in his New York City luxury hotel suite.

The 62 year old powerful financial leader is now in a Manhattan prison cell. Deprived of his customary protection, he is now being dubbed “the Great Seducer.” He was about to meet with Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel. But now he’s facing several counts, including rape, sexual abuse and engaging in criminal sexual acts. The Globe and Mail notes that, if convicted, he could face 25 years in prison. Read more

The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Children

We tend to parent the way we ourselves were parented. Unless we take stock of the situation, we automatically repeat the child-rearing styles of those who raised us.

If you grew up with wise, attuned caregivers who were in control of their own emotions and behaviour, you’re lucky. And if they showed their love by setting  consistent limits and dealing out appropriate consequences for breaking family rules, you probably come by parenting skills naturally.

But if like most of us, your parents were limited in their skills, you’ll have to work on your parenting. The problem is, it’s so hard for most of us to face the fact that our childhoods harmed us. People will say something like – oh well, I was a really bad kid.  Or – my parents beat me but it didn’t do me any harm. Read more

Easy Guidelines for Choosing Your Therapist

This might be one of the most life-changing relationships you ever have. It’s important to choose the right person. But how do you know which therapist is right for you?

What is psychotherapy? It’s different from counseling. A counselor probably gives advice and guides you through an issue in your life.

A psychotherapist works on your psyche, the Greek word for “soul,” or “butterfly.” That is, you will be going deeper, into your unconscious mind. Read more