Why Teachers Can’t Put an Arm Around Students

These days teachers in our schools are afraid to put a caring arm around a student.

What are they afraid of? They fear being accused of child sexual abuse. The school board has warned them that “bad” students falsely charge innocent teachers with child sexual abuse. Insurance companies have ordered school boards to put in place rules to eliminate any possibility of being wrongly charged. Teachers are really nervous about the most casual physical touching with students.

Is it really that bad? Are innocent teachers actually in danger of being viewed as perpetrators because of nasty, devious students bent on seducing and/or lying about sex with a teacher?

Here’s the problem as I see it. Most people are in total denial about the amount of child sexual abuse that has been perpetrated in our schools throughout the ages. Men and women in charge of vulnerable children have always taken advantage of their position to use the children sexually. Read about the successful lawsuits in recent years against private schools when these crimes were finally made public and insurance companies paid out huge settlements to the victims.

Isn’t it a sad irony that until institutions got hit in the pocket, they failed to adequately protect the children in their charge against sexual predators?

What’s the possibility of a teacher being wrongly accused?  It’s possible. But consider the huge numbers of perpetrators in the past who have got away with their crimes against children. Perpetrators are still unlikely to be caught and charged. And when it comes to conflict of rights, I’m always on the side of our nation’s children and their rights.

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