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A Few Bad Apples

I was having an argument with my friend, Margaret. We’d been talking about recent charges against clergy and the subsequent sales of church property to pay for legal settlements and compensate the victims. I was satisfied that some justice was at last being realized. Margaret felt quite the opposite.

“Why should everyone suffer for a few bad apples?” she asked. “Any profession is bound to have its share of rotten actors. It’s just so unfair that the whole organization and everyone in it has to suffer.” Read more

Confessions Book Launch Video Now Available

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Why Teachers Can’t Put an Arm Around Students

These days teachers in our schools are afraid to put a caring arm around a student.

What are they afraid of? They fear being accused of child sexual abuse. The school board has warned them that “bad” students falsely charge innocent teachers with child sexual abuse. Insurance companies have ordered school boards to put in place rules to eliminate any possibility of being wrongly charged. Teachers are really nervous about the most casual physical touching with students. Read more

Healing From Child Abuse – Mindfulness (Video # 7)

I’ve posted on the Confessions Facebook page the seventh in the eight-video series on healing from child abuse. You can view the whole series here. Please leave a comment and ask questions. I will respond.

Healing From Child Abuse – Exercise (Video # 6)

View the sixth video in my eight-part series on healing from child abuse. You can see the whole series at the Confessions Facebook Page. Please visit the Facebook page and let me know what you think. I will respond.