Is your mind racing?

Is your mind racing, planning, worrying, relentlessly reviewing the past or agitating over the future? This is a useless waste of energy and a misuse of the mind. (see my blog post of July 25/10, How To Take Control of Your Mind).

It’s important to ask yourself why your mind is racing. Why does your frantically busy mind think it’s important to keep you in an agitated state? What’s it keeping your from paying attention to? What would you be thinking about if your mind weren’t racing? What’s the real problem here?

Ask yourself: If I weren’t worrying about all that, what would I be thinking about?

Often the racing mind is just a cover up for the real problem. To get at the real stuff, we have to quiet the buzz and the static of the racing mind. We need to get quiet and ask ourselves what we’re really upset about.

Most often it isn’t about the seemingly endless list of chores to be done. Rather it’s about the relationship we’re in or the disappointment we’re experiencing in our own lives. Sometimes memories are trying to surface in our consciousness: memories that the mind doesn’t want us to know about.

All the worrying in the world about the past, the future or the jobs to be done, won’t address the real problem, whatever it is.

Recognize the racing mind for what it is. A distraction. A red herring meant to keep us from dealing with what really matters.

Do you have experience with a racing mind? Perhaps you’d leave a comment below to help others. I promise to reply to your comment.


  1. carolyn says:

    Hi there,
    I am finding your work so interesting I have to keep reading. Of course trauma applies to my childhood and in more than one way/occasion thruout the years. We were the bootlegger and illegal casino at one time so I find myself desensitized toward it to some degree.

    I grew up ADD at least and was diagnosed at 40ish with Depressive Disorder with Panic Attack. I was suicidal at least once a month while I had 3 sons on my own and worked.

    I was a test book mental health patient with risk taking behavior, impulse control issues all the while working and numbing myself with pot. At 54 I have no kids at home so can’t say I have no time to do personal work or put myself at the bottom of the list. But I find my mind still racing and denying me a life. Where to go from here?

    • Thanks for telling me about yourself. the way I found to quiet my racing mind was yoga. You can read about that in my book.I don’t know whether yoga is right for you – but in practicing yoga I found I could still my mind for periods of time- maybe just 10 or 20 minutes – but that made life bearable. I thought of it as my oasis of peace. No matter how scared and scattered I felt, I knew I could find that oasis again.

      Hope this helps.

      I find it’s not much use trying to practice relaxation or mindfulness until you deal with the underlying problem. Closing your eyes to meditate usually just brings a flood of anxiety and mind-frenzy.Whatever “it” is, it doesn’t want you to be at peace.

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