The Globe and Mail tells my story

What an amazing feeling to waken this morning and find my story in The Globe and Mail! Sarah Hampson interviewed me about my book, Confessions of a Trauma Therapist and there was my photo and her description of our meeting right on the front page of the Life Section.

Then I went to the Internet and found it on the Globe’s webpage. But wait a minute, it had just come out and already people were commenting on it. They sure weren’t wasting any time. Let’s see…what were they saying?

Oh! They were all saying with a tone of authority that the issue of recovered memories was dead: that it was all in my imagination. They, of course, didn’t identify themselves or state their credentials for making such a statement and clearly they had not read my book.

“They” are ready to pounce on any information that might inform the public of our society’s endemic child sexual abuse. “They” are usually perpetrators who are waiting in fear for the children they once abused and who are now grown up, to sue them for their retirement savings. It’s an all too common event in the fight against child sexual abuse.

Anyway, since you’re reading my blog, you no doubt know differently. Please go to the Globe and Mail link given below and – if you feel comfortable doing so – leave a comment.

Read The Globe and Mail story by clicking this link: HERE

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