Today is My Book Launch!

I’ve been telling readers of my blog that I was in a blissful state of calm about my coming book launch.

Well, all that bliss got shattered a few days ago when I still didn’t have any books for the book launch.

Imagine! A book launch with no books! My trust in the universe and my assurance that if I just did everything in my power, it would all turn out just as it was meant to – all that faith turned into an internal windstorm of sleepless nights and a stressed body.

It’s many years since I’ve felt electrical charges of nervous energy tightening my muscles and turning this usually relaxed and happy body into a minefield of doubt and worry. It was an unpleasant reminder of how my body felt most of the time before I healed from childhood trauma.

Today – the very day of the launch – my publisher promises my books will arrive in time for tonight’s celebration. I got the news late yesterday and slept the whole night through in a state of relaxed gratitude and relief. My faith in the universe is restored.

This evening at the launch those books will go out into the hands of people who have been waiting for them. For me, it’s the fulfillment of my life’s work, getting what I know from personal experience and from my 30 years of studying and treating trauma into the hands, hearts and minds of others. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity life has given me.

Now if only those books arrive on time…

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