Anticipation of April 28 Confessions Book Launch

The book launch for my memoir Confessions of a Trauma Therapist is coming soon. It’s strange that I don’t feel anxious. I’m excited and happy, but not nervous. In fact, as I told a friend it’s like the wonderful feeling of falling in love and having a baby all at the same time. It’s as if I’m riding a huge cosmic wave. I’m just the conduit, or something. I’m fortunate enough to be bringing to all those who want to hear about child abuse my knowledge and experience. I know I have an abundance of information about healing and transforming the invisible wounds of childhood trauma into strength and positive energy.

Today I went to Women’s College Hospital to check out the auditorium. Judy Steed, my good friend and the master of ceremonies at the book launch, went with me. There are many, many details to sort out.

Where do the refreshments go and when do we have them set out? Where is the best place for the books to be sold? What’s the best place for our guest speakers, Michele Landsberg and Sylvia Fraser to sit? Where should Judy and I sit?

It’s a winding route from the front door to the auditorium, so we’ll need signs along the way. The Women Recovering From Abuse Programme will be celebrated for their amazing work with women recovering from trauma. We’ll ask participants to donate as they feel able to this worthy programme.

$5 of each book sold will also go to support WRAP.

The evening is truly a celebration of how far we have come in exposing and healing child abuse.

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