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Society Forgot About Child Sexual Abuse

Why did our society forgot all about the prevalence of child sexual abuse until recently? This, despite it being perfectly understood in the 1890s.

In the 1890s, Sigmund Freud in Vienna and Pierre Janet in Paris were two influential figures who brought new awareness to the strange mental disease their peers called hysteria.  Most physicians believed hysteria was a disease only women could get because it originated in the uterus.  The name meant “wandering uterus.” Read more

Invisible Abuse Identified in 1890s

If you’re reading this blog, you probably have your eyes open to the fact that childhood sexual abuse is endemic in our society. And you probably wonder how this crime against society, so seamlessly woven into the very fabric of our existence, still lurks in the shadows. How come we haven’t stamped it out? Read more

Expert on Treating Victims of Child Abuse Tells Her Own Story & Gives Guidance

Hello. Welcome to my blog. I am Mary K. Armstrong, a social work psychotherapist specializing in treating adults recovering from child abuse and neglect.

This blog will serve as a powerful toolbox to help adult survivors of child abuse and neglect to recover from their trauma.

Each week, you can access short articles and videos that you can use to assist you along your healing path. Read more