Expert on Treating Victims of Child Abuse Tells Her Own Story & Gives Guidance

Hello. Welcome to my blog. I am Mary K. Armstrong, a social work psychotherapist specializing in treating adults recovering from child abuse and neglect.

This blog will serve as a powerful toolbox to help adult survivors of child abuse and neglect to recover from their trauma.

Each week, you can access short articles and videos that you can use to assist you along your healing path.

These videos and articles will include excerpts from Confessions of a Trauma Therapist, an autobiographical story of my healing from the invisible wounds of child abuse as told from the novel viewpoint of an expert on the subject.

Confessions of a Trauma Therapist tells my childhood story of living in a fog while my life went on without me: How I healed through yoga, dream work, psychotherapy and other therapies, as well as the love and support of my husband and our son. It also details how I became a trauma therapist.

Abuse survivors, I hope you will use the coming blog articles, videos and excerpts from my book along your healing journey. You may also want to bring friends, family and other supporters here to help them understand how we can forget something so terrible.

Please follow or subscribe to my blog. I also would love to hear from you. I monitor this blog daily and I will respond to all comments.

Strength in healing,

Mary K. Armstrong

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